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Tall Ships` Races
Garibaldi Tall Ships` Regatta 2010
Historical Seas Tall Ships` Regatta
Tall Ships` Races 2010
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Lion Kings at the North Sea - 2010
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Fly Like a Wylde Swan Youth in Action - 2010
Tall Ships Race 2010 at Wylde Swan
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The first STH team of young Greeks competed aboard the Dutch brig Morgenstern’ during the Tall Ships Races Baltic 2009. Click to see the movie (created by Martin Blouet)
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Tall Ships` Races 2010

Nothing beats the excitement of participating in a Tall Ships Race. In 2010, you too can be part of one of the crews. You don`t need any sailing experience. The permanent crew will teach you all the tricks!

The Tall Ships Race 2010 consists of three stages, or `legs`: two race legs and one Cruise-in-Company, which means no competition: just sailing for fun with stops and bbq`s! For each leg, there`s room on board for enthousiastic - temporary - new crewmembers.

The legs of the Tall Ships Races 2010

Race 1: 13-21 July 2010
Antwerp (Belgium) – Aalborg (Denmark)

Cruise-in-Company: 24 July - 29 July 2010
Aalborg (Denmark) – Kristiansand (Norway)

Race 2: 1 August - 7 August
Kristiansand (Norway) – Hartlepool (England)

Participating vessels in the Tall Ships Races 2010

Book your experience now. Select a vessel of the flag of your choice. Simply click on one of the images below, and go directly to their booking page.

The International Exchanges program

During the Tall Ships Races 2010, you can also choose to mingle with other nationalities on board. Be part of a truly international sailing crew, enlist in the International Exchanges program!

Ports of call during the Tall Ships Races

Antwerp (Belgium) 10-13 July 2010
Antwerp is a beautiful and popular city to hang around for a couple of days before the Tall Ship Races begin. A beautiful medieval downtown area, trendy shops, countless nice pubs for a pint or a special locar beer and enough clubs for an unforgettable stay. The last couple of days before sailing off to Aalborg, you and thousands of visitors will watch the final of the World Cup on a large screen, parade with the rest of the crew and experience the big musical event Aquaphonia.

Aalborg (Denmark) 21-24 July 2010
Aalborg is a lively student city with a lot of pubs and clubs for a great night out. At some spots downtown, the sidewalks once were canals were the merchants moored their ships. Just outside the city there is an impressive Viking-cemetery where you can almost feel the era of those tough and ancient sailors.

Kristiansand (Norway) 29 July-1 August 2010
Kristiansand is Norway`s most populair destination for the holidays. The beach is perfect to relax and also the hotspot for a action-packed visit. Paintball wars in the forests, tourguides by helicopter or even skydiving; it`s all possible! Either catch a wave on your surfboard or a fish on your rod. With a bit of luck with the latter, you will have your self caught salmon for diner at the barbecue!

Hartlepool (England) 7-10 August 2010
Back on the shores of England and still in the mood for tall ships and the marine? Then Hartlepool is the perfect visit. Relive the heyday of the British navy at the Maritime Experience, between the cannons or historical characters like the instrument maker and the gunsmith. Nowadays Hartlepool still is a sturdy town of marines, full of typical British pubs. If you have come to like the mastclimbing on board, half an hour away in Summerhill there is a boulder park where you can reach for the top again!

Download day-to-day-program (PDF)

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